I'm not dead.

2013-02-25 22:15:50 by TerminalMontage

Hey. Haven't been too active here lately. Been busy working on some things, I'm starting to help out with the art for LORE now, and working on a potential Machinima series, it's a lot of work though so I might not do the entire series, at least not yet.

And then, you know, real life stuff. I'll post things here on NG soon again eventually. In the mean time, if you're not already, subscribe to my Youtube? Or.. Follow me on TUMBLR! I like Tumblr, and hey, how bout my Twitter too!


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2013-02-26 09:39:22

Oh, finally!


2013-02-26 20:53:49

Is it strange I associate with no other website? Other than reading news article comments, NG is deh plaec!


2013-02-27 10:50:50

good luck in doing the LORE series! godspeed terminal montage!


2013-05-06 22:18:45

Wait, what was the theme music used for that Ultimate Attack video?

TerminalMontage responds:

Paper Mario (N64) battle theme!


2013-05-08 17:37:07

We lost Appsro, Scottfalco, Zeurel, SexualLobster, and Falconer02 to Machinima. Your leaving will make it an even 6. Enjoy working with Machinima. I also saw your Lore in a Minute episode. That was really good, and It would be cool to see more like that.

TerminalMontage responds:

Haaaaaa- thanks.



2014-03-17 20:19:13

TerminalMontage you are my favorite. Please make more things.

TerminalMontage responds:

Thank you. I will try.