Voice "auditions" closed, for now.

2012-12-24 23:06:45 by TerminalMontage

Thank you all for the.. What felt like, 100+ messages! I think I got back to all of you at least once.

Got some things going on, and potentially great opportunities. And I will be needing more voices in the future! I probably won't be as public though, posting news posts like I have before. Since I got a lot more responses this time and I recognized some of you from the last time I posted a news post., I've made a list of all my favorite voice actors so far. So I will PM you directly now.

I'm always happy to listen to voice demos though, so feel free to PM them to me :)

And lastly, about Side Quests. Side Quests is my pride and joy. It's something I want to put a lot of work into. I'm more proud of that comic than all of my animations. I'm slowly thinking about what to do with it as an animation, and working on things in regards to it. So, you might not see it for a while. I'll continue working on my animation, and might even make a brand new series before I do Side Quests. BUT YEAH ALSO, I don't want to tell you guys I'm working on something, then it ends up not coming out, or not coming out for a long time. I don't want to announce things and make it seem like I'm not keeping to my word!

Edit: Also Happy Chrimbus!


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2012-12-24 23:17:19

Take all the time you need! I can't speak for everyone else, but I'm a very patient guy; I love chess. Just make sure that whoever you choose for your voice actors are the perfect match! And Merry Christmas Jeremy!


2012-12-25 02:37:49

Merry Christmas and good luck with work!


2012-12-28 03:49:30

Dammit... Got caught up in the holiday crap and didn't get anything in...