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TerminalMontage's News

Posted by TerminalMontage - June 9th, 2015



<333 Thanks Tom! <333

Hi people! I just finished a Monster Hunter cartoon. Now after a wee little break I'm gonna get back to work on my webcomic Side Quests, you should check it out! And maybe become a Patron? ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

Also Picoday was rad! I still haven't uploaded many pictures to my tumblr or twitter or anything, but meeting everyone was really cool. Redminus and I went around demanding people take our photos, I felt like Zoolander and Hansel. And I found Tomar taking a nap.



It was a good time.


Posted by TerminalMontage - April 20th, 2015

Hey you hunks. It's been a while. I haven't been uploading to NG, or uploading in general lately (except, recently, I threw something up on my youtube, but other than that it's been over a year). I've been busy working and working on my comic! I hope to change my animatory inactivity soon, I got some animation ideas I really want to work on, I just need to find the time. I was also working on a Picoday short..


..But time has escaped me, and I won't be able to finish for Picoday. BUT I'LL BE AT PICODAY. I'm not very outgoing, you might be able to find me hiding in a corner or playing Smash Bros.

So come say hi! And follow my social media things to see how much I'm procrastinating!

|| Side Quests Patreon || Tumblr || Twitter ||


Posted by TerminalMontage - February 25th, 2013

Hey. Haven't been too active here lately. Been busy working on some things, I'm starting to help out with the art for LORE now, and working on a potential Machinima series, it's a lot of work though so I might not do the entire series, at least not yet.

And then, you know, real life stuff. I'll post things here on NG soon again eventually. In the mean time, if you're not already, subscribe to my Youtube? Or.. Follow me on TUMBLR! I like Tumblr, and hey, how bout my Twitter too!

Posted by TerminalMontage - December 24th, 2012

Thank you all for the.. What felt like, 100+ messages! I think I got back to all of you at least once.

Got some things going on, and potentially great opportunities. And I will be needing more voices in the future! I probably won't be as public though, posting news posts like I have before. Since I got a lot more responses this time and I recognized some of you from the last time I posted a news post., I've made a list of all my favorite voice actors so far. So I will PM you directly now.

I'm always happy to listen to voice demos though, so feel free to PM them to me :)

And lastly, about Side Quests. Side Quests is my pride and joy. It's something I want to put a lot of work into. I'm more proud of that comic than all of my animations. I'm slowly thinking about what to do with it as an animation, and working on things in regards to it. So, you might not see it for a while. I'll continue working on my animation, and might even make a brand new series before I do Side Quests. BUT YEAH ALSO, I don't want to tell you guys I'm working on something, then it ends up not coming out, or not coming out for a long time. I don't want to announce things and make it seem like I'm not keeping to my word!

Edit: Also Happy Chrimbus!

Posted by TerminalMontage - December 15th, 2012

Hello my friends! I finally got a CINTIQ. Now I can make real cartoons! I'm working on a short short Zubatman sketch to test it out, but then I want to re-tackle the original animation I started in October. An animated Side Quests short!

I've got the voice talents of;
*Apatheria doing Jeremey, the "wizard"
*Seshido as King Sellib, the main villain of the series.
*I'm asking around for a a voice for The Mayor, but I'm pretty sure I got someone. If he refuses I'll just have to break into his house and force him to do the voices.
*A voice for Gabby (the girl), will be needed for future shorts. I know a very talented woman who can play the part, but it's not set in stone yet..

And lastly, this leaves us with Jeff, the square. He's a hard one to come up with a voice for. I've been making Jeff and Jeremey comics for over a decade now, and I still can't fully imagine a fitting voice for him. He's oblivious, and very caring, seems stupid, but is incredibly clever and quick witted. A deep dumb voice like Patrick from Spongebob would be unfitting, and a high pitch voice wouldn't work either..

He's the voice that I'm really looking for. So if any of you think you got it, then please send me a demo! Or some recorded samples in voices you think fit him :) Also please record it good quality e_e I will die if one of you has a great voice but use a calculator to record it.

EDIT: If I don't get back to you withing a few hours, do not fret my friends. I have received an overwhelming amount of PMs lol. I'm going back and forth between listening to auditions and responding to you all, and working on a Zubatman short.

EDIT 2: As you know, Christmas and stuff is near, so I've been busy, so sorry about the wait. I want second opinions on these voices from my partner, and he's been doing stuff. So hopefully I'll be able to get back to you shortly after Chrimbus.

In need of a golden voice.

Posted by TerminalMontage - July 26th, 2012

Hello friends! I'm going to begin working on a little something, a teaser trailer for a series that I might make depending on.. How well the teaser comes out, how well it's received and.. How good it makes me feel when I watch it over and over again and WASTE TIME.

I need a voice actor to do a voice like, Bruce Wayne / Batman, in good quality please :) for those of you that don't know how to get the best quality out of your mic, please see this video:

I figured I'd make it public so voice actors can audition and stuff :] you'll really just be saying a sentence or two for this video, but if it turns into a series and I do more, there will be more voicework for you in the future c: and there are other roles I will need to fill for the other characters I have in mind. Just improvise and say anything you can think of and PM me your voice demo :)

edit: I forgot to specify, I'd like the voice actor to be able to do both voices, normal man Bruce Wayne-ish, and raspy or extra manly Batman. Doesn't have to be super raspy like Christian Bale Batman, the Animated Series Batman works too.

edit edit: auditions closed now, I got me voice actor and I think I messaged the rest of you, thanks guys!

Posted by TerminalMontage - July 20th, 2012

Worked on those for a bit, they're up on youtube too.

And I put a few little 'extras' in the NG version, at the end. I don't always do 'sketch' versions of an animation then go over it with detail, that's why there are only 3. Now.. I'm thinking about working on a "How I Got Through.." video, it's been a while.

Posted by TerminalMontage - June 19th, 2012

I put that Yoshi's Island animation on hold for now and started animating my noPUNintendos! Some of you may have seen this atrocity on my youtube:

For the past few weeks I've been working more, plus I'm going to be moving back to Florida soon (I moved to Colorado about a year ago), and I've been hiking mountains as much as I can before I move, and playing Guild Wars 2 Betas whenever they're available. Plus, Phantasy Star Online 2's Japanese open beta starts on the 21st, so I will be playing some of that! BUT I DIGRESS.

The plan with my noPUNintendo animations is to make about 5 to 8 of them and put them together into a collection then upload it on youtube, and here and wherever (I've finished 3 so far). Been getting a few messages so I thought I'd make a little news post to keep you cool cats up to date!

But yeeeeaaah, follow me on tumblr if you for some reason want to stay up to date with things I do http://terminalmontage.tumblr.com/

Another update, I am working on something C:

Posted by TerminalMontage - May 29th, 2012

Hey guys :D thanks for all the PMs here and on Youtube, I like talking to you guys :]

Anywho I was working on a Yoshi's Island animation before I threw that Diablo 3 short together, but I've been quite busy working more and playing D3 in my spare time, so I'll eventually get to finishing that Yoshi animation (it's almost done but I'm being lazy, and I'm lacking inspiration).

It's the same simple animation I've been doing thus far, but after I eventually finish it I'm going to work on really improving my animation, more frame by frame work and practice on more fluid movements. I've been getting a lot of compliments on my work so far but I think my stuff is very simplistic and I don't want to stay in that simplistic mode for too long, so after Yoshi is done it might be some time before I get another one out (unless I get a decent idea for a Kirby animation :P), so I'm still here, just not being productive guys :D

Plus there is another Guild Wars 2 beta event coming June 8th - 10th, I am excite.
EDIT: Be sure to check out my Tumblr http://terminalmontage.tumblr.com/ I post all my up to date stuff there. Working on a noPUNintendo animation now (Yoshi's Island is on hold), and it might not be up for a while because of LIFE D:

Posted by TerminalMontage - May 18th, 2012

I finished this the other day (in less than 24 hours in fact, including sleeping, netflix, cooking and eating).

Got stuck on my Yoshi's Island animation, so I took a break and made this. Also, if you're bored, or something, follow me on tumblr. I talk about stuff I'm working on. And stuff.